2015 Meetings

    Name and Location Date Meeting Type*
  January      Leadership Summit and Work Groups
Plano, TX USA
26-30 January 2015 EB, LC, WG
  April      APAC Best Practices Conference
Tokyo, Japan
13-16 April 2015 EB, BPC
  May      Leadership Council and Work Groups
Grapevine, TX USA
18-21 May 2015 LC, WG
  June      EMEA Regional Conference
Munich, Germany
15-18 June 2015 EB, BPC
  September      Americas Best Practices Conference
San Diego, California USA
14-18 September 2015 EB, WG, BPC
  November      Leadership Council and Work Groups
Tampa Bay, Florida USA
16-19 November 2015 LC, WG

  EB - Executive Board Meeting
    LC - Leadership Council Meeting
    WG - Work Groups
    BPC - Best Practices Conference

Meetings prior to 2014