Japan Hub Regular Meeting & Translation Committee Kickoff

QuEST Forum Japan Hub held the regular meeting with 18 participants on July 7th, 2016 (JST) at Fujitsu Tokyo headquarters.

We shared and discussed the information of latest activities as below;Japan Hub regular meeting & Translation Committee kickoff

  • Report of LC & WGs on last May (Masahiro Shimbashi, Fujitsu)
  • Status of Tiered Approach, CoPQ benchmarking, etc.
  • Report of EMEA Regional Conference on last June (Katsumi Fukumitsu, Fujitsu)
  • General information of TL 9000 RHB R6.0 & report of the result of TL 9000 seminar survey (Hisahiro Yoshizaki, Japan Hub)
  • Status of translation for TL 9000 Alerts (Isao Uchida, Technofer)

And after the regular meeting, the committee of translation from TL 9000 Requirement Handbook R6.0 to Japanese was kicked off. This committee consists of the chairman, Noriyoshi Fukumaru and tentative 22 members.

The committee will start the translation as soon as the RHB R6.0 is released and scheduled for the completion of translation by the end of September & publish operation within this year.

For more information, contact Masahiro Shimbashi at shinbashi.masah@jp.fujitsu.com.

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