Strategy In Action


QuEST Forum’s 2020 Vision

Today’s ICT- Information and Communication Technologies is experiencing significant growth, uncertainty and change. In response to this shift, QuEST Forum created the “QuEST Forum 2020 Vision” early in 2015 to position itself to support this rapid change.

Some Of The Drivers Of This Change Are:

  • New minds at the table
  • Shift of end-user requirements and usage of ICT services
  • Many new players (companies)
  • Amalgamation of Telecom and IT
  • A trend in the industry to consolidate
  • A plethora of organizations driving a variety of standards
  • Varied needs and wants by geography; market maturity
  • Release of ISO 9001:2015, enabling us to “renovate” TL 9000
  • The industry is in flux (huge focus on wireless, broadband, software and reduced emphasis on voice and traditional supply chain

The first step of this plan was to create an updated Value Proposition, found in the inside cover of this booklet. There were 5 major areas identified and designated as streams to help fulfill the strategy. These streams were set up to address specific areas, but they are very inter-related. Since the launch of our 2020 Vision plan, these streams have been developing their strategic initiatives and executing plans to position us for 2020. Our 2020 Vision strategy was conceived and planned in 2015, with full execution starting in 2016.

Significant progress has been made in all streams of QuEST Forum 2020 Vision:

  • Stream One Overall strategy and vision, coordination between other streams –
    • Provided strategic direction as well as process support for the strategic renewal effort
    • Provided communications and oversight for all strategic efforts
  • Stream Two Collaboration –
    • Vetted many organizations and chose a shortlist with which to collaborate
    • “Test-drove” collaborative conferences with TIA in Dallas in June and TM Forum in September
    • Made significant progress with TM Forum resulting in a Strategic Alliance announcement (September in Nashville) and plans for joint conferences in 2017 as well as benchmarking support for their Smart (x) platforms
  • Stream Three Emerging technologies –
    • Participated in Multi-SDO (Standards Development Organizations) effort around SDN/ NFV working with TM Forum, NIST, ETSI and others
    • Recognized as best-in-class at measures and benchmarking
    • Added Virtual Network Element aspects to TL 9000
  • Stream Four TL 9000 Evolution and Development –
    • Made significant progress in developing a TL 9000 product roadmap
    • Evaluated a tiered approach with service provider input
    • Developed and launched a “point release” process for more agile and frequent TL 9000 development
    • Delivered TL 9000:2016 (R6) the FIRST global standard compliant with ISO
  • Stream Five Service Provider Engagement –
    • Achieved extensive involvement in understanding the needs of the service provider community and how suppliers can help in the transition to software-driven and orchestrated environments
    • Held a face-to-face workshop with service providers at ADTRAN Headquarters
    • Held a very successful service providers Summit in Nashville

QuEST Forum is working to add more services to the benefit of our members and the ICT industry at large. The intent is to not only increase our value, but to also provide additional resources in order to fund our growth and development.

Business Development:

  • Purchased and launched the QuEST Sustainability Assessor Tool
  • Developed a ready-to-trial Wireless Customer Experience service (QuEST WCX) offering with P3 and Metrinomics (presented to operators and regulators around the world)
  • Developed our BAAS (benchmarking as a service) product (along with UTD) and worked with TM Forum and others on potential opportunities
  • QuEST Forum had a strong focus on our core functions in 2016 making enhancements and improvements while maintaining our member and conference attendee satisfaction.

Business As Usual:

  • Held three regional conferences with world-class survey scores. All three conferences more than covered their costs
  • Awarded our second annual Global Sustainability Awards at the TIA 2016 Network of the Future event in Dallas, where QuEST Forum was a partner
  • Managed the finances and adjusted costs to come in on budget
  • Engaged several rural service provider companies in a benchmarking study on network performance
  • Grew and maintained membership at 200 even though there have been several mergers, acquisitions and market pressures across ICT
  • Delivered our first industry benchmarks on the Costs of Poor Quality (CoPQ)


These are truly exciting times for ICT and, by extension, for QuEST Forum as we evolve and change course to best serve our industry. We have made significant investments and gains in the areas of sustainability and customer experience as we increase the value we bring to our constituents. These investments build on our core strengths and deliver additional value and competencies and will ensure we continue to be relevant. Our 2020 Vision strategy has plotted a course and continues to drive us forward. The ICT industry has never needed us more than it does now as ICT continues to play a more prominent role in our daily lives.

QuEST Forum enjoys the support and effort of approximately 800 of the most dedicated member volunteers of any similar association. This, coupled with a high-performance staff and deeply engaged board of directors, creates a truly unique and powerful force for the industry. The future is bright and exciting for all those who participate and enjoy the benefits of QuEST Forum.

QuEST Forum delivered on our plans for 2016 with strong financial results, new services for our members and great progress on our strategy. We are well positioned for another great year in 2017.