QuEST Forum is a membership based organization with an Executive Board, Work Groups, Global Regions and a Management Team that plan, execute and manage its business.

The Executive Board consists of Officers, Directors and Contributors. The elected and appointed members set direction and ensure alignment for the organizations strategic vision and objectives.

The Work Groups are responsible for the governance and maintenance of TL 9000 requirements and measurements and the development of industry best practices. They include:

  • Oversight
  • Global Business Excellence (GBE)
  • Integrated Global Quality Requirements and Measurements (IGQ)
  • Network Service Provider Reliability Council (NSPRC)

QuEST Forum has created a flexible structure of Global Regions to ably reach, share, discuss and support the collective yet unique needs of its global stakeholders. The global regions of Americas, Asia and EMEA, address the regional quality needs, locally support geo-specific issues and regional conferences, and provide valuable inputs to the Work Groups.

The QuEST Forum Management Team provides for the smooth operations of the day-to-day activities and the TL 9000 Administrator manages the TL 9000 databases and portals.