Executive Board

Yao Cuifeng

ZTE Corporation



Ms. Yao Cuifeng is Chief Quality Officer (CQO) of ZTE Corporation. She is responsible for corporation quality performance as well as all programs related to quality management including R&D, products’ operations and supplier management to delivery. She has more than 16 years rich experience in various fields of the telecommunication industry by positioning R&D, testing, project management, division management, quality management, enterprise’s high-level management of leading telecommunication enterprises/organization, building her knowledge and experience on TL 9000, HPPD, CMM, CMMI, performance excellence and major quality improvement.

Ms. Yao joined ZTE Corporation in 1998 and began with hardware debugging tasks and software development;

• In 2001, she was a management leader to UMTS products.
• In 2005, she carried more management responsibilities as the Director of R&D on software, technical management leader.
• In 2008, she was promoted to VP of Wireless Field.
• In 2014, she was elected to the CQO (Chief Quality Office) and VP position at ZTE Corporation.

Ms. Yao always leads her team to grand group honors including: The First Prize of Guangdong Province Science and Technology Awards, Breakthrough Prizes of patents, corporation prize on customer satisfaction, and quality performance award within the corporation (measurements and progresses).

Ms. Yao always dedicates herself to public issues and cares about people’s farewells. She is one of the welcomed deputies of the NPC and always presents technical groups and areas to advise the government.